Gerrard hits boy with car er…boy hits car.

With all this controversy and ill-will towards our keynote speaker Jeff (by the way, I still love you), why not get a small laugh (only small because someone did get hurt) at the misfortune (i.e. bad driving) of Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard.

The Anfield star was driving “very slowly” through Birkdale, Merseyside when a “young boy ran out and hit the side of his car”. First off, the way this is phrased by Gerrard’s spokesperson really stimulates the imagination. Was it a boy sent to do Chelsea’s dirty work by running head-first into Gerrard’s car? Who knows, but how slow is “very slowly”? Better yet, who cares?

No word as to whether or not the little boy – mercenary or not – is going to get front row seats to Liverpool’s Champions League match-up against Marseille this Wednesday.