Thugs, beer train and amateurs

Let’s take a look at some soccer news worldwide, shall we?

Brazilians coach orders rough-house tactics

Flamengo coach Joel Santana obviously wasn’t happy near the end of a 3-0 defeat. A microphone down by the field caught him apparently telling his players to rough up the opposing Santos players.

“If they start clowning around, you have give them a good kick,” he was heard to say late in the match in an incident widely shown on Brazilian television on Monday.

Santana will likely face some repercussion. He claims, however, that he wasn’t inciting violence.

No harm, no foul?

German train stops for beer fix

A train taking Bayern Leverkusen fans to Hamburg for a German Cup match had to make a stop along the way to fix a broken beer tap.

They made a stop along the way for nearly half-an-hour “in order not to endanger the good mood.”

The victory on the train, however, was the only one of the day.

“Top-division Leverkusen’s 1-0 elimination from the cup by second-division St. Pauli in a first-round upset left its fans with plenty of sorrows to drown on the way home.”

Bayern Munich needs shootout to beat amateurs

True story.

Oliver Kahn, Miroslave Klose and the rest of the four-time Champions League winners took it to spot kicks to beat third-division amateurs Wacker Burghausen.

Manuel Riemann, Burghausen’s 18-year-old keeper, stole the show, but it was Kahn who made the game-saving stop in the shootout for the win.

Here watch some highlights