Blackburn next to be taken over by an “American”?

Dan Williams – head of the venture capital business DJW which is based in New Jersey (but he’s originally from the UK) – is the head of a consortium poised to takeover the upstart Blackburn Rovers in a  reported $90-$120 million deal (don’t know why the range is so big).

The plan is to take over the team quickly and clean up the mess later as Williams wants to give Welsh manager Mark Hughes a significant ($50 million) transfer budget for the last week in August before the transfer deadline. Even with the financial limitations as of late, Hughes has brought in one key piece in Roque Santa Cruz and Williams hopes to leapfrog that momentum and help the Rovers make a Champions League push. Most importantly, however, Dan Willams and Co. will erase Blackburn’s $40 million or so in debts paving the way for a financially healthy future and hopefully a spending power comparable to the new and so far…..improved Manchester City.

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With all that new money, who would Blackburn go after?? Yakubu? Dimitar Berbatov – who is recently rumoured to be restless at White Hart?