About Center Holds It!

Center Holds It was started in August of 2007 by Jeff, Breton, Josh and Ryan to attempt the simple idea to cover most of the different soccer leagues of the world, like the EPL, MLS, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 , in one blog.

We all decided to take on different roles, posting about certain leagues that are our ‘area’s of expertise.’

Jeff will mainly be writing about the MLS, coming over from his home at It’s a Simple Game

Breton will be blogging about the MLS, EPL and other European leagues, joining us from Olde City, a Philly MLS blog

Ryan will cover the EPL and La Liga, coming over from Lets Go Buffalo

If anyone is interested in joining the Center Holds It community, let us know and we’ll get you on and posting.

10 Responses

  1. Great idea to put all of you together on one site. No problem finding it. Good luck with it!!

  2. hello gentlemen if possible could i write for your blog?
    my blog is goalpost.wordpress.com, which comments on the English leagues.
    Read some of the stuff if you like it and would not mind me being on the team drop a line.
    my email is in the “about”section of the blog.

  3. video ain’t working no mo’

  4. great blog. keep up the good work.

  5. Have a nice day !

  6. Good evening. I’m writing to you from Santiago de Chile.

    I have a blog called Ketiradas (ketiradas.wordpress.com) you may have seen, as I publish many football news and comments.

    I would like to change links with you, as I find really interesting to have an english written football counterpart.

    I write from mexican football, Champions League, sometimes english, german, italian or spanish leagues, and tournaments like Copa Libertadores, and mexican national team matches.

    I also publish posts from other areas as videogames, music, and more.

    So, are you interested? You can write me a comment in my blog with the answer.

    Saludos, and keep the good work.

  7. Homer is a sexy beast….i love boys….im touching myself when looking at pictures of little ones…hmmmmmmmm donunt

  8. […] According to your LinkedIn profile, you started a soccer blog entitled Center Holds It that eventually led to your current position as director for the National Premiere Soccer League. […]

  9. I’m a Sevilla fan, having lived and worked there. I am a Sevilla FC fan too and am always looking for events to meet fellow Sevilla supporters/Sevillanos here in NYC.
    Do you have meet ups? Calendar of events? Any recommendations?

  10. To Sevilla FC fans: I have 3 DVDs about Cempeon UEFA cup 2006 (La final; La Celebracion; El Camino hacia La Final). All in Spanish and PAL format. If it make anybody happy you can get it at NYC.

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