Live Blog RBNY/Los Angeles: Beckham is starting, Xavier out

Time-wasting drills are employed and the game seems to be over. It will be interesting to see how the Galaxy react to this as they are now 3-8-5 and losing steam. I’ll give you some tidbits once the press conference is over. Good stuff – see y’all later.

4 minutes of injury time announced

89′ Trusty Carlos Mendes is taking Clint Mathis out – so he can receive treatment on an unknown knock. Magee on for Altidore a minute later.

88′ WHAT THE FUCK! A huge drive from Mathis is saved wonderfully by Cannon only to trickle out for Angel to follow up. Angel – at NO angle – gets a shot on net and Cannon tries to parry it away but instead he hits it off his own body and into the net. Angel is credited for the goal and Bulls are now up 5-4!

Any comments people? David Beckham just got credited for his third assist of the game on Buddle’s gametying goal.

86′ – An Angel freekick sails just wide. Just letting people know that he’s still here.

84′ – John Wolyniec on for Dave VDBergh. Arena has opted for scrappiness to get this win does. And Wolyniec is the definition of that.

82′ – Tom Arnold is here! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Edson Buddle gets his revenge after a corner from David Beckham is put on frame. The first shot hit the cross bar though and bounced back to Buddle, who tucked it away. Happened too fast for Waterreus to even react. All tied up at 4. Geez. (Remember the Superliga LAG 6-5 win over Dallas? Could we be in for a crazy last 5 minutes?)

80 minutes and counting for Mr. Beckham

78′ – Another restart for Beckham and LA as Dane Richards fouls Martino 25 yards out.

76′ – The first sub Gavin Glinton is subbed off in favor of Edson Buddle – a little bit of a desire for revenge, Edson?

74′ – Yellow card for Vide as it sets up Beckham for a restart 25 yards out……queue the flashes. BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!

73′ – A David Beckham cross finds a Pavon foot but sails too high – but too close for comfort for Waterreus.

72′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!! The REd Bulls are still celebrating when Kevin Stott allows the Galaxy to restart the game. Landon Donovan gets the ball 20 yards and speeds by Jeff Parke, then slots it home cooly to pull the Galaxy back within one. RBNY 4, LAG 3.

71′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Jozy Altidore has just sealed the deal for Man of the Match. The 17 year old recieved the ball at the corner of the penalty box and threw a couple stepovers, dancing around the LA defense. Wow. RBNY 4, LAG 2

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Blogosphere: I Need You to Be My Eyes

In an attempt to contain my manic compulsion to read…absolutelyeverything…(which really cuts into writing time, dontcha know?), I’m moving to a new information-gathering method: relying on the blogosphere and, oh, a site or two, to keep my current on all things Major, League, and Soccer.

So, with that mind, here’s my request: If you run a blog about a specific MLS team (or, hell, I don’t care, teams) please drop me a link in the comments field.  It’s the only way I can learn now…

…and I’ve already got The Offside wired, so I’m mainly fishing for others.

The Red Bulls find a home away from Montclair, Feilhaber to Derby?

Red Bull’s Hanover Training Ground


I love the random shit-colored car to the right and at first, due to my errant lack of North Jersey knowledge and a U of Penn background, I could of sworn the Red Bulls were building their new training grounds in Hanover, NH. But alas, Hanover, NJ is a mere 25 minutes from the Harrison/Red Bull Park site and 35 minutes from Giants Stadium. Here is the press release…and a little blurb so you don’t have to go through the pain of actually clicking on a link.

Red Bull New York announced today that they will construct a permanent training facility in Hanover, NJ that will be the new home of the entire RBNY organization. The Red Bulls Training Grounds will include six soccer fields, a 50,000 square foot, two-story office building and a one-story field house. Construction is expected to begin this fall with an anticipated completion date of December 2008.

As far as Benny Feilhaber goes, some rumors are popping up regarding a permanent trip to Derby (slated to finish dead last in CHI’s Premiership Preview, although my opinions do not reflect those of Josh, Ryan, or Jeff). Would the move be a good choice? – especially considering the fact that HSV officials have said, time and again, that there will be NO loan deal?. He’s either staying or going. The transfer fee is apparently somewhere in the $3 million range and could be done as early as next week. It was Benny’s mini-ultimatum to HSV that attracted all this attention – during preseason, the Gold Cup hero made known his wish to either be a part of the first team or shipped somewhere else…


I think we’ll see other suitors join in before Derby County’s Rammie the Ram becomes Benny’s mascot.


Thanks to Emily: Here is a article from Germany that should make you smile.