MLS Week 3 Collective Power Rankings: Seriously, Who the F%#$ Is on Third?

Seeing as we’re in the process of training all readers familiar with this space to follow Center Holds It over to its new digs on BigSoccer, I’m going try to pique your interest by publishing only a teaser from the full Week 3 collective rankings. Well, that and the image I had hoped to use for the post; BigSoccer’s blogging platform doesn’t have the flexibility (or perhaps just the familiarity) of WordPress’, but I’m learning work-arounds. Anyway, the image appears at left. For all the links, data, and details, interested parties will have to go to BigSoccer for the full post.

In general, let it be noted that Week 3’s rankings are truly a hell of a thing, just a friggin’ dizzy mess of speculation and wild-ass guesses. Anyhoo, on to the excerpt:

“But what are these 10 sites telling us about how Major League Soccer’s 14 teams stack up against each other? To paraphrase Operation Ivy, all they know is that they don’t know nothing. There’s a four-team collision knotting up third – from which, it should be noted, the second place team barely escaped. If you think that’s bad, consider the actual 3-way-tie for 8th (or as I have it in the data, “8/9/10″). Then again, this means there’s already a playoff race and the season is just three weeks old. Whether it’s good or bad, I can basically posit that there’s a #1 team, the crapola trio at the bottom, and a whole lot of disagreement about everything in between. All done!”

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