The Extraordinary Ray Hudson La Liga Drinking Game–‘LOOK OUT’

Now back in my Ph.d program, I realized that nothing is more fun for me and my friends than to sit around and watch some sort of sporting event and indeed invent a drinking game that goes along with it. After a long week of ‘doing’ homework, it’s a good way to start my weekends out on a high note.

We always had The Baseball Drinking Game, The Basketball Drinking Game, The Animal Planet Drinking Game, whatever. But now, feast your eyes no further than the official

‘The Extraordinary Ray Hudson La Liga Drinking Game, Version 1.0’

This works best when watching GolTV feeds of the games, but I will also throw in opportunity to imbibe if you are living in the Spanish mainland, don’t you worry.

For those of you who don’t know Ray Hudson, he basically a God among mere mortals. He is the commentator for GolTV along with a former Newcastle United player. Ray is known for saying ‘jaw-dropping’ quotes at lightning speed with his fiery brand of Scottish English Geordie English (thank you to Gittle).

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