The Morning Hi-5-Weds 11/7

The best footy links you can check out while pondering why the British are so damn funny…

1) Barcelona takes to the field against the Scottish wall that is Rangers…(Barcelona Offside)

2) Another Sevilla blog, actually in English. Rafa is the head of starting up the Sevilla Peña in America...(Brigada Americana)

3) Beach Soccer anyone? Spain beats the US in the opening round of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup…(SI)

4) You think medics would know how to pick up a stretcher…(The Red Cauldron)

5) Phil Ball takes a trip to the Basque region. Don’t go near any ATM’s!!! (ESPNSoccernet)

And here’s some beach soccer action for everyone. Don’t forget to check out the Champions League games on That’s where I’ll be.