CHI has officially moved shop and our new digs are ready for your viewing pleasure.

Please update your bookmarks to the following!!!

Now, a little note from your fearless leader.

Last August, I decided to send out a few emails to see who I could get to collaborate on a multi-pundit soccer website. I literally sent out around 30 emails to random bloggers who were doing things on their own, but might want to become involved in something bigger.

Only two of those bloggers responded. Jeff, from It’s a Simple Game, and Breton, from Because I Think Way Too Much About Soccer.

After a series of emails back and forth, I decided to make a site with the three of us all posting about our passion for the game. After thinking long and hard, I christened the site ‘Center Holds It’ and on Monday, August 6th, 2007, the site went live.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a clue what to expect when the site went up. I was a terrible blogger in the beginning, and found it hard to get going. But, seasoned veterans Jeff and Breton held down the fort and kept this bad boy running day and night.

Since we’ve started CHI, I’ve been interviewed on Spanish Radio, started on a podcast with The Offside, had an article published about me in a newspaper, and have had the opportunity to work with two great individuals, namely Jeff and Breton. I never thought this could come from a PhD student who wanted to blog for a hobby, but after a while, the blogging became part of my life.

Last week, I received an email from Jesse, creator of BigSoccer, asking if we were interested in moving CHI over to Big Soccer. After a series of meetings between CHI and Jesse, and amongst ourselves, we decided it would be a great move for us. Jesse ensured us that CHI would remain intact, and that it would not ‘sell out’.

If you look at our new site, you can see we’ve obviously not ‘jumped the shark’ or ‘sold out’ but rather, just moved to a new home. The three of us will have a chance to post to a wider audience on BigSoccer. You will still see the same types of articles at our new home, and the people you’ve come to know and love.

For the next week, we will all continue to post ‘teasers’ to our BigSoccer posts for everyone to take a look at. Please, I emplor everyone to visit us at and help us settle into our new site. The reason we post is because we have an audience, and the last thing we want to do is lose it. So make sure to come over, register once, and start commenting already.

Right now we are in the process of developing one RSS feed for the site. That will be done in about a week’s time. Until then, you can separately get our feeds by using the following links.

Breton –
Jeff –
Ryan –

I also need to thank Jeff and Breton personally. If it wasn’t for their constant posts and work towards this site, it would never have had a chance. The two of them were truly the backbone of the entire site, and it can be seen in simply the amount and quality of their posts. So guys, I just want to personally thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to CHI. You two are really the reason this site is so popular.

On behalf of Center Holds It, I thank you for the last 8.5 months here at The reason we had the opportunity to move is because of everyone who reads us, and I thank each and every one of you for that, I really do.

See you at the new site!


Ryan Knapp
Creator of Center Holds It

15 Responses

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. It’s a shame that you’re moving to a site that apparently doesn’t support rss feeds for the aggregate blog. However, you can suscribe to each of the 3 authors individually by putting the following urls in google reader, feedburner, etc:

    Breton –
    Jeff –
    Ryan –

  3. Your RSS feed over there is completely fucked up. It’s just an rss feed of all of Big Soccer. Frankly I’m really not interested in reading anything but you guys over there and if I don’t get an rss feed of your site I won’t read it (even though I’ll have good intentions and try to read it). So can you please get this fixed?

  4. Thanks for the heads up, just give us a few days to get things sorted ok?

  5. Will do just thought I’d alert you.

  6. Gregg,

    Just got done talking with Jesse, right now use our seperate feeds and our main CHI RSS feed will be out next week.

    When it’s done and we essentially lock the doors for good, I will post the RSS feed. Also, if I get it sooner than that, I’ll post it.

  7. ryan,

    The RSS feed for the aggregate site will be done in a week. When I get it, I’ll make sure to distribute it to the masses.

  8. Thanks, Dear Leader! Us scribblers will keep toiling – can’t do less what with the shock-collars you attached to us. But to send some thanks back, you’ve been doing the legwork on moving and the business side. That’s why they say there’s no “I” in team…not unless you spell it “t-e-a-i-m.” But why would you want to do that?

  9. Looks like other people had the same problem I did. Congrats on the move, and I look forward to the new RSS feed!

  10. Ryan:

    Thank you……without you, no CHI….that simple!

    Everyone come join us over at BigSoccer, so far it’s been pretty fun…

  11. This sucks. Way to join the idiot parade over there.

  12. For the record, Goose, I applaud your skepticism. I hope it works out, though.

  13. Seriously, does anyone know how long it takes me to do all of the CHI stuff on a daily basis? A long time. Pair that with 4 part time jobs and a PhD program and I’m a busy guy.

    (I post this as I sit in a Typology and Universals class, talking about Yindjibarndi ergative case marking)

    We moved and now we get everything done for us. Why wouldn’t we move? If you don’t want to read anyone else, then don’t, but come and read us. We aren’t changing, we are moving.

  14. I came across this looking for something totally different and read about your love of Sevilla FC.

    I’m a guiri in Seville (English, 12 years here now), have you not noticed how a lot of Sevilla fans are a bit, well, right wing? Along with Real ‘don’t worry about being half a billion in debt, Madrid ayuntamiento will absolve it all’ Madrid, Sevilla FC was Franco’s favourite team. In part this is most likely because Seville as a city was the first to fall to the falanges, they basically approached the place and were met with no resistence. The beticos of the time were basically the peasants of the area and the working class of Seville. There’s more to it than that though. Sevilla FC and its fans embody all that winds me up about this city (and I love it, otherwise I’d have gone elsewhere or topped myself). It’s a city/club that is constantly asking for approval.

    A betico (I’m not one of those either, I have my own team in England to suffer with) will either have a laugh with you about not supporting their team or simply ignore you as a clueless guiri, but a sevillista will take it as an affront. Have you ever been with a group of people from Seville that you don’t know without them accosting you until you tell them that Seville is indeed the centre of the universe. And probably any that are parallel to it?

    Anyway, no idea why I began with this diatribe, you seem like a good bloke, absorbing and enjoying different cultures but I just felt the urge to say that one should never romanticize Sevilla, they are the club of the pijos, not the people and their history is somewhat dark.

    Anyway, if you’re ever back in Sevilla I’ll buy you a pint in the Merchant mate.

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    +7 960 200 9209

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