READ HERE. To be held tomorrow at 2:00pm, Turbine Hall, The Wharf at Rivertown, Chester, PA, 19103.

Just please don’t call the team Philadelphia Independence.


MLS Philly: Owner’s Party says Thursday is Confirmed.

“If you go to the Wharf in Chester, at 2:00pm, on Thursday, it won’t be a waste of your time”. Philly MLS CEO Nick Sakiewicz

Much more was said, including talk about a possible women’s team, but the guest of honor was former Red Bull New York head Nick Sakiewicz and a couple members of the ownership group. Sons of Ben President Bryan James greeted almost over 200 members of Sons of Ben and their guests at Dark Horse Tavern with open arms and open ears. There were chants, finger foods, and one packed room.  Would of been worse if any more of the 1500 members of Sons of Ben and 2,700+ potential season ticket buyers showed up…

It’s really pretty amazing what these guys have done in the past year and if there was one thing that went out the window tonight, it was any doubt about the future success of a Philadelphia franchise. One thing the NJ native Nick Sakiewicz promised though, was championships. Thaaaaaaaaat I can wait for…

Pictures to come as I should be there Thursday at Rivertown for the “possible” unveiling.

Reply with questions/comments below…what are you most excited about? Worried about the success of the franchise?