Music to My Ears

This came from Soccer By Ives’ more of your questions answered post:

PATRICKFROMNC- do you see mls ever taking a serious look at moving away from the single entity structure?”

IVES– The league can’t stay single entity forever. The training wheels will have to come off at some point and I would argue that the league is already struggling handle the rigors of maintaining a single entity format.”

I would argue the same, but have to confess that’s down to personal distaste for the single-entity set-up as much as anything.  I believe single-entity’s demise, maybe it will happen?

I’ve said this before, but I really don’t see why Major League Soccer can’t operate on a firm, but higher, salary cap.  From there, you can add some crazy crap, like the designated-player rule, but the league really shouldn’t be blessing every last move, even if they’re only rubber-stamping them.  Not anymore.

Free Dawn Wells!  So, she’s not in jail – in fact, she didn’t get hit with much at all – but the woman if 69 fer god’s sake.  And looks pretty damn good for her age.  Anyway, Mary Ann was always my favorite.

– I haven’t been posting these as much as I want to.  Things will settle down shortly…I hope.  Damn life…