Kovalenko Photo Swap (RSL People, I’m Looking at You)

Pursuant to the contents of the post below (see: “Beckham, Evil”) and a comment left by Martek , as well as the contents thereof, I just had an idea for a contest – or, perhaps more accurately, an exchange.

As noted in the comments, my wife is a fan of Dema Kovalenko – less for what he does on the field (of which, for the record, she approves; a tough lady, that one) than how he looks off it.  She would like nothing more than a big photo/poster of Dema to grace the Shrine to Soccer that stands next to our computer.  And it occurs to me I’d rather start collecting things like that than the fan-fare I collected in the past: specifically, team jerseys and some scarfs.

So, here’s the swap: I have quite a few team jerseys of varying age and, probably, quality.  A lot of them are Liverpool (about 4 or 5), but I’ve also got a couple AC Milan shirts (an old-ish Weah shirt and another one…can’t remember), an Ajax away (I think; I know it’s Ajax), an old (and, frankly, ugly) Arsenal away shirt, a Bayern Munich jersey (looks home), and old DC United jersey with the old, um, Weimar-esque badge.  There are a couple more besides (I think).  Sorry to be vague on details, but I never wear the things so don’t remember too well what they look like.

The Bottom Line: I would be happy to exchange a couple, three, or four of these jerseys for a photo of Dema, ideally autographed.  It should be decent quality and about the size of an album cover, but we’d take larger gladly.  I’ll give more shirts for better quality and will get into what the autograph will say in the event I get any takers – and assuming someone could talk Dema into signing such a thing.  If it helps pique interest, I could take photos of the shirts (some never worn, others worn once, some twice at most) and post ’em.  Oh, and contrary to what it says in the post below, the picture of Dema needn’t be either hot or buttered…truth to tell, I don’t think I could look at something like that.

So….any takers?  You can either comment below or email me, though any negotiations would happen over email.