MLS 2007 Reviews: All 13 in One Post (well, links to, at least)

Having written all thirteen of these things – and having reached a point where the thought of doing just one more would have put me in a mind to completely half-ass it – I don’t know that I’ll have the effort in me when the team expands to 14 teams and beyond. Then again, there’s closure to consider and all that. My mental state aside, linking to all the reviews in one Master Post seems a fine idea.

So here they are, from top of the regular season standings to the bottom, complete with the snarky titles I gave each.

DC United: Consolation Kings
Chivas USA: Stalking Horses…with a Limp
Houston Dynamo: …the Bastards
New England Revolution: Taylor and Steve and Me
FC Dallas: Succeed…Choke…Repeat
Red Bull New York: Atypically Typical Year
Chicago Fire: Lazarus Rises, Plays Stubborn D…and…
Kansas City Wizards: Limits of Positive Thinking
Columbus Crew: Mid-Summer Mirage
Colorado Rapids: The Difference Between “Playing” and “Eating”
Los Angeles Galaxy: The Cubic Zirconia of MLS
Real Salt Lake: The Riddle of RSL
Toronto FC: [So bad, it seems, they didn’t warrant snark]

There: 2007 is officially over. Looking forward to next year, one day at a time.

3 Responses

  1. nice work on all of these man…enjoyed reading them all!

  2. Why…thanks. I enjoyed about, oh, ten of ’em. A couple I just couldn’t get my head around. Hopefully, it doesn’t show…though guesses are welcome.

  3. Very nice Jeff. You can see my comments on the Dynamo one, but I eagerly looked forward to all of your reviews.

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