Crew Chat*: Signings, Praise, Opportunities!

(*Which, if you think about it, could also serve as a Franco-phone alternative for “Crew Cat.” (Photographed at right, apparently, stealing a child.))

It looks like the Columbus Crew finally signed a new player…well, almost.  Gino Padula came on board…or, rather, will once he gets his visa situation sorted.  Is there anything to think about this?  Assuming Padula to be an upgrade over Stefani Miglioranzi (though I base this on nothing, certainly not Padula’s vagabond career – even if that came in higher-class leagues), one would think the latter will slide over to the subs’ bench?  Looking over the starting XI for the Crew’s final friendly, it’s hard to see where else Miglioranzi might go…though, on second thought, maybe he’ll bump Brad Evans…who may or may not have been out left…crap…can’t wait to see actual games.

– So, OK, maybe it’s not so great that a member of the Columbus Crew made Greg Lalas’ “New Faces in New Places” photo gallery/preview – after all, every team got at least one guy out there.  In any case, Brian Carroll made the cut for the Crew…and with some nice words from Lalas to accompany the shot.  For what it’s worth, I think Carroll will prove an upgrade…even if I think “a winning mentality” is a myth.

– Finally, and just to throw this out there, remember that Georgie Wilson Welcome guy whose name you heard so often when Honduras was on the field during U-23 Olympic qualifying?  Turns out he doesn’t have a club.  So, I’m thinking, he needs a club, the Crew needs forwards…just a thought.

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