Jair Maruffo Is a Fraud

My god. I just witnessed Jair Maruffo – however the fuck you spell that hack’s name – just wave off a call that could have sent Michael Harrington to the hospital. He is calling a SERIOUSLY uneven game. KC fans can be excused for thinking he’s on the take.

Does Houston deserve to be winning? No question. They’re kicking the crap out of KC. The shame is that Maruffo is letting them LITERALLY kick the crap out of KC.

And Dominic Kinnear is a little bitch. To complain about a dive after Nate Jaqua stayed on the field? Shameless. Pathetic.

UPDATE: Since I’m not a believer in denying my tantrums, I’m going to leave this one up.  I’m all better now.  For now, I’m only going to acknowledge that Houston left the field deserved winners.  To a man, they were the better team.  Moreover, by the end of the game, Maruffo evened things up by gifting a call or two to KC.  Then again, that’s just not the way it’s supposed to go.

On another note, I hope Brian Ching pulls through all right, in spite of believing that missing him should help the Revs’ chances in the final.  I’m the sporting sort – or at least I try to be – and the final will be a poorer experience sans Ching.  For all that, Houston has plenty of weapons…seriously, did you see Brad Davis tonight?  Lots o’ hustle, lots o’ brains.

Here’s to looking forward to a good final (and, at this point, I hoist a beer and chuck down a shot.  Cheers!)

When Loyalties are Simply Too Much

Quick, name two teams off the top of your head that play in Spain’s La Liga. Who are they?

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