The Rest of MLS: Consider Yourselves…WARNED!

From the Deseret News (LINK):

“‘I’m just not going to offer any predictions, but I can say one thing, we’re going to be a better team,’ said [Real Salt Lake head coach Jason] Kreis, following the second day of training camp on Monday. ‘We’re going to be a fitter team, we’re going to be a mentally stronger team; those are the things I can make guarantees about.'”

And, with that, Real Salt Lake officially puts the rest of Major League Soccer (MLS) on notice.

Why does this makes me giggle?


6 Responses

  1. He’s right, though. Look at the baseline. Where can they go but up?

  2. True…I think what I most appreciate, however, is the whole vibe of “Oh yeah? Well…just you wait! I got the Johnny Atlas Muscle-Builder Program in the mail! Next time is gonna be different! Jerk!”

    That said, I’d love few things better than seeing RSL roll over Houston, DC, New England…all the perennial big boys. What’s needed is a team of Jason “All Heart” Kreises, an unstoppable starting eleven built entirely on sheer Will to Win.

  3. Hey, hey Jeff. Look out there. :>

    Though I wouldn’t mind seeing RSL become a force under Kreis, maybe THE force way out west (further west than Houston I mean). How nice would it be for them to open their new stadium with a playoff game, and win, against the Gals? Very cool thought.

  4. I pick RSL to make the top 4 this year. they are a much better team now and 2nd only to DC in upgrading their squad. the laughing will stop once they go on a tear.

  5. That’s what I want to hear, Get Crunk! And I’ve seen the trade chatter you’re picking up; it’s enough to make me regret moving away from my original plan to follow Real Salt Lake along with Columbus for 2008 (OK, and Colorado has a better thematic connection to Columbus).

    At the same time, there’s something of the tar pits about RSL. Like mighty, mighty mastodons pulling against the sludge, perhaps they’re doomed to stay there till the starve. That’s an image, mind, not a wish…

  6. If RSL get Gomez- how does this change the mix? After getting a slew of Argentineans, they were magically transformed into a different team. Though the stats might not support me, I think they got better over the course of the year. This offseason seems to more about attrition than addition for the majority of teams, I don’t think it would be a major feat for Real to finish middle of the pack next fall – especially if they toughen up even more at home. Top four, for me, is a stretch.

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